Duane Bosch

Daw- du- naak
An adopted member of the Woosh-ki-taan (Shark) clan, from the Toos-dexi Hit (Shark backbone house) and longtime Hoonah resident.
 It has been my honor to study Northern style formline art and carving with great teachers including Scott Jensen, Ernest Smeltzer,
 Steve Brown, and local carver Jim Marks , with whom I carved the Raven mother and Eagle mother poles now displayed at the HIA cultural 
center in downtown Hoonah.
 In addition, many elders have shared their stores of knowledge with me- the old stories ,traditions of Koo-eex(potlatch),and cultural responsibility, songs and drumming, and subsistence living with land and sea.
 The beauty and wildness of coastal Alaska has infused my nature, and is expressed in the sculptures I create.
 A lifelong pursuit of more sensitive and powerful art is my goal.
 My hope is that I can be a bridge to bring some of that beauty to you.