The Salve Sampler includes:
Devil's Club Salve 1/3 oz
Spruce Healing Salve 1/3 oz
Cottonwood Salve 1/3 oz
Old Man's Beard Salve 1/3 oz
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3.00 (cm)
1.00 (cm)
3.00 (cm)

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A few years ago my family and I took a fabulous trip to Alaska. We're from Florida and had never heard of any of these products. On a whim I bought the sampler from a gift shop. What a great choice! I love these products! Over the past several years, I have used them for a wide variety of conditions (rashes, burns, bug bites, cracked skin, etc.). I'm delighted that these are offered online because I don't know when we'll get back to Alaska again.

Great Products

After having success with the Spruce Healing Salve I decided to try the other three salves. Recently received them and have not had the opportunity to use them yet. But if they are anything like the spruce they will be awesome.